Medical services

Our objective is to offer the best health care service to our patients. We provide a wide range of medical services so that people can have a better life. These are some of the services we are known for.

Facial Pain


Facial pain ‘s hard to diagnose. In many cases, this condition is misdiagnosed. We, at Face Pain clinic, have the right facilities available to diagnose facial pain.

Behavioral Dynamics


Facial pain can be a serious problem. It affects families, jobs, marriages, friendship, and your health. They often have to deal with increased anxiety which takes a longer time to cure their pain. Some patients get into depression. As a result, they create a distance with their family and friends. Our behavioral dynamics sessions help patients to deal positively with their situation.

Medical Treatment


There is no cure for facial pain. With medical treatment, the condition can be controlled. We offer some medical treatments to our patients which help them to stay well.

Dental Care


Diagnosing facial pain in the oral cavity can be difficult. A dentist will be able to diagnose the pain and refer the patient to a facial pain practitioner. We have the necessary equipment to diagnose facial pain that results from the oral cavity.

Alternative Treatment


Many people don’t like the side effects of medications and surgery. So, they prefer alternative treatment. We have a broad range of alternative treatments available for our patients.

Surgical Treatment


The chances of pain relief from surgical treatment are 60 – 90%. So, many patients choose this option to get rid of the facial pain. We have all the facilities and expertise to perform a facial surgical treatment.

If you are suffering from facial pain, come to us without any further delay. We have all the necessary treatments available to control your pain.