About Face Pain

We are a healthcare provider specializing in facial pain. We provide a whole range of treatment options to patients suffering from facial pain. We understand how it feels to suffer from facial pain. It is not only the pain but also the associated difficulties that a patient has to go through makes dealing with facial pain very challenging.

Why treating facial pain is a challenge?

It 's hard to diagnose. Most often, it is misdiagnosed, and so wrong treatment is proposed making the condition worse.
The pain can be from dull, itching, inflammatory or stabbing. The pain can be intermittent or constant. All these make it very confusing to understand the form of facial pain.
Facial pain often leads to depression. Patients move away from their family and friends to cope up with their distressed emotional state.
There is no 100% cure for this problem; it can be controlled.

Why choose us?

We have the best practitioners in this field. They are very experienced and can diagnose the problem correctly.
We have the best diagnostic facilities to identify the type of your problem.
We have various types of treatment options depending on your need and preference. Besides the conventional medical treatment, we also offer an alternative treatment.
We provide behavioral therapy so that you and your family can cope well with the situation. We try to boost positive energy so that your pain can be controlled faster.
As facial pain is closely related to the dental problem, we also have experienced dentists in our clinic, so that you don’t have to go somewhere as if you needed to consult a dentist.
We have modern surgical facility ensuring that your operation goes on well. We have very high rate of success in surgical procedures.

We develop a very friendly relationship with our patients so that they can express how they feel. This helps us in treating the disease in the right way.  Please call us to learn more regarding the medical and dental services we provide.